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The husband of a trade union activist has learnt details of his wife's beating in prison

Prisoner pressure chamber, broken rib and bruised kidney. Details of Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk's beating in prison. Polina's husband learnt the details of pressure on his wife in prison.

Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk
Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk

Andrei Sharenda reported on his Facebook page that on 7 July, Palina was taken from pre-trial detention centre No. 1 in Valadarska to Minsk by special transport. And so far neither her family nor her lawyer have managed to find out where she is.

"Only now from anonymous sources we managed to find out some details of what was going on with Polina in early June before the psychiatric examination in Navinki. The administration of colony No. 24 arranged a so-called "presshat" for Palina, putting two female provocateurs next to her in the PKT cell. It is clear that Palina, exhausted by her months-long stay in SHIZO and PKT, was unable to fight back and was severely beaten. She was so badly beaten that she had to be hospitalised in the sanitary unit of the colony.

According to unverified information, Palina suffered a broken rib, a bruised kidney and a bruised nose bridge. Even almost three weeks after the beating on 22 June, when Palina was seen in SIZO No. 1 in Valadarska, she still had numerous marks of beatings on her face. "Nothing is known about Polina's state of health yet," wrote Andrei Sharenda.

Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk is serving her sentence in the women's colony in the village of Zarecha near Rechytsa.

In 2021, the activist of "European Belarus" and the Belarusian Trade Union of Radioelectronic Industry (REP) was sentenced to 2 years in prison for allegedly violent acts against a policeman and insulting Lukashenka, and a year later another year was added to her sentence for allegedly malicious disobedience to the demands of the colony administration.

In June 2023, Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk, who at that time renounced her Belarusian citizenship, was sent to Navinki for psychiatric examination. According to the relatives of the political prisoner, she refused the examination.

Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk is a mother of two minor children. According to the latest information, Palina lost weight by about 18 kilograms during her time in prison and suffers from a number of diseases.

Source: svaboda

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