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About Salidarnast

Who we are

The Salidarnast Association was founded by trade union leaders and activists from Belarus, who were forced to leave the country after the liquidation and repression of democratic trade unions. The charitable association is registered in Germany and based in Bremen.

"Our history teaches us that dictatorships are never durable, no matter how strong they may seem for a time, while workers will never stop organising democratic trade unions in their constant struggle for freedom and justice for themselves and for society."

Dan Gallin

Our mission

The goal of Association Salidarnast is the revival of an independent trade union movement in Belarus with the aim of creating a democratic society based on the principles of social justice and decent work.

Our vision

We cannot leave our colleagues in prisons without support and Belarusian workers alone with the regime. Despite the destruction of the independent trade union movement, workers in Belarus remain the force which can resist the dictatorship. And we must support their aspirations for democracy in every way we can, and at the same time preserve the trade union culture.

Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are purely charitable. We provide assistance to politically persecuted persons, trade union refugees from Belarus, and promote public and trade union education.


We implement our activities through organising public events, international and information work. Expert analysis of the social, legal and economic situation in Belarus, education and trade union training programmes, and cooperation with similar organisations and initiatives.

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