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Intimidation of workers of Belarusan enterprises by law-enforcers continues

On October 5th , it was reported that an employee of Mahiliou Kirau automobile plant was detained by law enforcement agencies because of his connection with the "Peramoga plan", according to the pro-government TG-channel "First Cool".

Mahiliou Kirau automobile plant
A screenshot from the law enforcement video
The detainee is apparently referred to as Ihar Pukhliakou. In a video made by law enforcers, Pukhliakou admits to allegedly distributing "extremist content" via social media starting in 2020, and he joined the "Peramoga plan" in 2021.

Details about the articles for which this Mahiliou resident was detained, as well as his current location, remain unknown for now. The last six months Belarus has seen mass arrests of employees of companies suspected of disloyalty to the current regime in the country.

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