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Mass dismissals for political reasons take place at Hrodna thermal power plant

According to the information received by "Nasha Niva", the employees of Hrodna CHPP-2, a subdivision of «Hrodnaenergo», are facing a wave of mass dismissals with political motives.

A source familiar with the situation disclosed that a list of more than 20 names of employees, who are demanded to be dismissed in the near future, was sent to the company "from above". Unusually, specific deadlines for their dismissals are not even provided, but the employer is urged not to delay the dismissal process.

People on this list are invited to the management office where, along with local KGB officers, they are told that they "need to make room." This is striking in that the dismissal takes place regardless of the end of the contract or length of service in the organization, and the professional qualities of the employees no longer matter. In some cases, the dismissal is postponed only because the company does not yet have replacements for these employees, but this does not mean that they will be kept on the job.

As the source points out, the dismissal is submitted in the form of "by agreement of the parties" and the employees do not seem to mind this process, realizing that it is pointless to hold on to their jobs. He also believes that company management will find a way to get rid of "politically unreliable" employees, even if it requires unconventional measures.

As for the criteria for "unreliability," the source believes that as time goes on, fewer and fewer reasons are required to get on such a list. At the beginning of 2020, a wave of dismissals was launched, but then only the most active participants of actions or those who were fined for reposts were fired. Now, however, the criteria have been tightened, and a person can be put on the list just for supporting alternative candidates.

Interestingly, some employees may have ended up on the layoff list through connections to «Polish cards». Despite the risk, not everyone is willing to give them up, realizing that they may need them in the future.

Repression in a harsher form continues in Homel, in the main branch of Belarusbank there were arrests of employees at the beginning of last week. Security forces carried out checks of employees' smartphones at their workplaces, and at least three of them were detained.

Meanwhile, workers were detained at the Mazyr oil refinery. Words of support for Ukraine were found on the phone of one of the employees. Propagandists dubbed these statements as "right-wing Nazi statements" and they were used in charges under the article of spreading extremist statements.

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