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Detentions and dismissals of workers in Lida

In Lida, a small town in Belarus, there were mass detentions of workers at two enterprises.

On September 28, arrests took place at the Road and Maintenance Production of the Lida Housing and Utility Company, which caused serious alarm in the city. Seven men aged 40-45 were detained on charges of distributing extremist materials and commenting on social networks. Masked law enforcers carried out a show operation to detain the workers. After which the workers were not only arrested, but also ordered to be dismissed from their positions.

In addition to those arrested, the dismissals in the housing and communal services also affected three programmers and a foreman. The dismissals were unexpected and the reason was not explained by the management. According to the source, in the last month and a half, there has been a tense situation in the collective due to political repression.

Paradoxically, in order to voluntarily resign from Lida Housing and Communal Services, employees have to warn the management in advance and find a replacement. However, new employees must be loyal to the current regime and not express criticism or other views.

In addition to the housing and utilities company, similar events took place at the «Konus» enterprise in Lida. Here, too, several employees were detained for distributing extremist materials.

Over the past few months, mass detentions of the employees of the enterprises of Belarus, who were found disloyal to the current regime in the country, have been taking place all over the country.

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