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Detentions of employees of enterprises continue

More cases of detentions and systematic persecution of opponents of the regime. Today it became known about two new cases - in Navapolatsk and Vaukavysk.

Dzmitry Shalak, drummer of the famous local band Paranoia Dolls, was brought to court in Navapolatsk. Last summer he was arrested on an administrative offense, but today's hearing is related to two more serious charges: Articles 369 - "Insulting a representative of the authorities" and 368 part 1 - "Insulting the president. 1 - "Insulting the President of the Republic of Belarus". These charges emphasize a disturbing trend towards stiffer penalties for statements concerning the authorities.

The judge in this case is Vitali Lapko.

Another case was the detention of an employee of the Belakta enterprise in Vaukavysk. In a video taken by law enforcement, the man admits to participating in protests and distributing "extremist materials."

Source: Viasna

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