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Harassment of workers continues at Naftan

A series of administrative arrests of employees disloyal to the authorities continues. After serving 15 days of arrest, Aliaksandr Liashkou, a process pump operator and participant of the Naftan OJSC strike, was given an additional 14 days of arrest.

Aliaksandr Liashkou
Aliaksandr Liashkou

On December 13, 2023 Zinaida Balabolava, an odious judge in politically motivated cases, sentenced an employee of Navapolatsk petrochemical enterprise, arresting him for 15 days for subscribing to "Zerkalo" on YouTube.

Two weeks later a new trial with the participation of Judge Sviatlana Havro led to the arrest of Leshkov for another 14 days. The new reason for prosecution was subscription to the strike community in Instagram.

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