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New detentions at the Nioman glass factory in Biarozauka

As a result of another raid of law enforcers at the glass factory "Nioman" in Biarozauka (Hrodna region) five people were detained on charges of "distribution of extremist materials," human rights activists report.

These arrests follow the last three cases of detentions, which occurred in August, November and December of last year, when some nearly 30 people were detained.

This is the fourth mass arrest at the glass factory in the past six months. All of them are related to terrorizing workers disloyal to the current regime. The reason for the detentions is usually subscriptions and likes left by the workers under the publications of opposition publications in social networks.

Repeated cases of detentions of employees of enterprises across Belarus in 2023 point to the intensification of repression against those who show dissatisfaction with the policy of the current regime.

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