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SPB activist sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment

On 17 May in Minsk City Court, presided by Judge Angela Kastiukevich, the verdict was pronounced against Aliaksandr Kandratsiuk, a researcher of genetics and cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Several court sessions were held this week in the case of Aliaksandr Kandratsiuk, junior researcher of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and trade union activist of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB). He was charged under three articles of the Criminal Code: Article 130 part 1 – incitement of social enmity, Article 368 and Article 369 part 1 – public insult of the President and discrediting the Republic of Belarus. For comments in social networks.

The prosecutor's office demanded to punish the trade union activist with 3.5 years of imprisonment. On May 17th , the prosecutor's demand was satisfied and Alexander was sentenced to 3.5 years of jail. It is known that the trade union activist intends to appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court of Belarus, and currently he is in pre-trial detention center.

Bear in mind that the detention of Aliaksandr Kandratsiuk took place on 5 September 2022. Then he was sentenced to 13 days of administrative arrest, and later it became known about the institution of criminal proceedings under Article 130 Part 1 – incitement of hatred. Later, other charges of insulting Lukashenka were added to the case.

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