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A former BNP activist was detained in Grodno at Grodno Azot

The propaganda Telegram channel ATN_NEWS posted a video in which the former activist of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union Maksim Sennik admits to opposing the authorities in Belarus. It is known that Maksim worked at the enterprise as an electrician in one of the workshops and was detained back in November 2022.

A former BPP activist was detained in Grodno at Grodno Azot
In the photo, four of the three activists of the BPP primary branch at Grodno Azot were arrested. Maksim Sennik on the right

In the video, the union activist confesses to all possible actions and repents of his wrongdoings on camera. The video was shot in the style of GUBAZIK, an analogue of the Gestapo under the Lukashenka regime, during which the detainees plead guilty under torture.

It turned out that Maksim was detained five months ago, but the propagandists posted the video just now. Representatives of Rabochy Rukh believe that this is due to the activity of the working initiative to block ways to bypass the EU sanctions that were introduced against the regime in Belarus.

“Please don’t panic, all these stuffings are done only to intimidate you,” Yury Ravavoi, the leader of Rabochy Rukh, addressed the employees of the enterprise. - From what Maksim says in the video, it's not a lie only that he was a member of an independent trade union.

It should be noted that repressions intensified in Belarus in early March of this year. At the moment, hundreds of new detainees are known. Among them are activists of democratic trade unions. In Polatsk, in recent weeks, searches, detentions and arrests under administrative protocols of the leaders of the Free Trade Union of Belarus Nikolai Sharakh and Viktor Stukov have been carried out. Sviatlana Stukava, Viktar Stukau's wife, was also detained. All are serving an administrative arrest of 15 days.


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