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Protesters gathered in Bremen to oppose the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus

Despite the scorching heat, dozens of Belarusians took to Bremen's central square on June 24 to express their firm position against the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Participants in the Bremen protest
Participants in the Bremen protest

At Marktplatz, Bremen's main square, protesters chanted in unison "No to nuclear weapons!" as well as 2020 protest slogans. One of the activists, Andrei Piatrouski, addressed the demonstrators about the dangers of Russian nuclear weapons.

The actions of usurper Lukashenko are disturbing not only to Belarusian citizens, but also to neighboring countries. In fact, the entire region is becoming hostage to the irresponsible actions of a dictator trying to consolidate his power in the country.

The protest was organized by the Association of Belarusians in Germany "Razam" and supported by activists of the Salidarnast e.V. Local residents approached the protesters, showing interest in the events unfolding in Belarus. Some expressed gratitude for the solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the courage of the Belarusian people who continue their struggle.

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