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Rally in Geneva demands release of Belarusian trade union leaders

Today, June 15, a rally was held in Geneva in support of imprisoned Belarusian trade union leaders and activists. Dozens of demonstrators demanded the immediate release of political prisoners by the government of Belarus.

Solidarity action with jailed Belarusian unionist in Geneva

The event was attended by trade union leaders and representatives of global union federations, including: IndustriALL Global Union, IUF, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Building and Wood Workers' International BWI, Public Service International (PSI) and International Transport Workers Federation, ITF.

Representatives from Belarus, including Maksim Pazniakou, acting chairman of BKDP, and Yuri Ravavoi, Rabochy Rukh, spoke at the meeting. They provided information about the difficult conditions under which imprisoned trade unionists are held and about total terror in Belarus.

Words of solidarity and support came from representatives of various organizations, including BWI Global Gender Coordination Anna Andreeva, Owen Tudor (International Trade Union Confederation), Kemal Ozkan (IndustriALL), Kirill Buketov (IUF) and Mykhailo Volynets (KVPU). Solidarity was also expressed by Kaing Zar Aung, president of the Industrial Workers' Confederation of Myanmar (IWCM), where military junta has also come to power.

Symbolically, the action took place in Geneva, where the historic International Labour Organization (ILO) resolution on Belarus had been adopted shortly before.​

Multimedia source: LO Internasjonalt, Yuri Ravavoi

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