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Political prisoner Anna Ablab will celebrate her birthday in the colony

The birthday of Anna Ablab, former employee of Belarusian Railroad, is approaching. March 9, the political prisoner will spend March 9 in the women's colony, where she was placed for her active civic position.

Anna was detained on September 22, 2021 on charges of treason and participation in an extremist formation, after the initiative "Rabochy Rukh" was recognized as extremist. The railroad worker supported the strike at Belarusian factories and joined the "Rabochy Rukh" association, which was the reason for her arrest.

After her arrest Anna was placed in the KGB pre-trial detention center and then in pre-trial detention center-3. In November 2022, the Gomel Regional Court started to consider the "Rabochy Rukh case", in which she was one of the ten defendants. During the trial she did not admit her guilt and refused to testify. Despite this, in February 2023, the court passed a verdict, finding her guilty on both charges and sentencing her to 11 years in prison.

Since then, Anna has been serving her sentence in a general regime colony in penal colony No. 4. Her name is also included in the "List of Belarusian citizens involved in extremist activities" by the decision of the Interior Ministry.

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