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Detentions of workers at Palimir and Hrodna Azot

Against the background of recent mass arrests and detentions of workers at Belarusian enterprises, the arrests continued last week. This time at Hrodna Azot and Navapolatsk Palimir.

The "Naftan" factory "Palimir" in Navapolatsk
The "Naftan" factory "Palimir" in Navapolatsk

At Azot, according to a reliable source, workers are periodically detained and taken away in handcuffs. This happens right at the workplace.

Mass arrests also took place at the "Naftan" factory "Palimir" in Navapolatsk, where law enforcement officers came to the enterprise and took several people from their workplaces. The next working day they were absent from their workplaces, reports the telegram channel @naftanFREE.

Over the past few months, mass detentions of employees of enterprises in Belarus, who were found disloyal to the current regime in the country, have been taking place at enterprises across the country.

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