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Leanid Sudalenka is safe

The human rights defender and former lawyer of the REP trade union left Belarus after serving two and a half years in captivity. During the years of his professional activity he helped thousands of compatriots all over the country. Now help is needed for him.

Leanid Sudalenka //
Leanid Sudalenka //

Less than a week ago, the human rights activist left Belarus and is now safe in Vilnius. Leanid Sudalenko gave a big interview in which he told about his time in the colony and the attitude to political prisoners. The Homel resident served his sentence in the colony "Vitba" near Vitsebsk.

Leonid is going to continue his activities as a human rights activist:

- In human rights, of course, I will stay. Human rights is my everything. It has always attracted me more than politics. I will look for where I can apply my knowledge. I went to Vilnius because all my colleagues are human rights activists here, Viasna and others. I am ready to lend a shoulder to those who need help. I'm ready to bring closer the day when we'll all return home to Belarus.

We shall remind you that Leanid Sudalenka headed Homiel branch of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" and worked as a legal inspector in the Belarusian Trade Union of Radioelectronic Industry Workers (REP). He was detained on January 18, 2021. On November 3 of the same year he was sentenced to three years in prison under the "people's" Article 342 for organizing protests. On July 21, Sudalenko was released from the colony "Vitba", having served the entire term. He spent a total of 2.5 years behind bars (a day in the pre-trial detention center counts for 1.5 years in the colony). A few days ago he left Belarus.

You can support Leonid financially on the BYSOL website.

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