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German trade union IG Metall conducted a campaign in support of trade union activists in Belarus

Dozens of primary organizations joined the campaign, sending hundreds of postcards to the Belarusian embassy demanding the release of imprisoned activists.

The Metalworkers' Union IG Metall conducted a campaign in support of union leaders and activists imprisoned in Belarus. About 80 union organizations took part in the action, sending hundreds of postcards demanding the release of imprisoned union activists.

The action, organized by IG Metall, one of Germany's largest trade unions, took place throughout May in many cities, including Frankfurt am Main, Essen, Oberhausen and Recklinghausen. Also at the Volkswagen shop-floor leaders' conference in Wolfsburg. Special attention was paid to the action at the Sprockhövel education center.

The initiators of the action report that more than 1,000 colleagues have already signed the petition, which is only considering the known data of the signed postcards. The postcards were sent to the Belarusian embassy in Berlin together with the letter of IG Metall executive board members Jürgen Kerner and Wolfgang Lemb. In it, they urge the Belarusian government to immediately release all imprisoned union activists and respect the basic labor standards of the International Labor Organization.

IG Metall, which represents more than 2.2 million union members in Germany, promises to continue its campaign for the freedom of imprisoned activists and the protection of workers' rights in Belarus. This action is another example of solidarity and support from international unions for the problems faced by trade unions and their members in Belarus.

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