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Europe's trade unions oppose tough economic measures

European trade unions declared their support for social values and labor rights by rallying in the capital of the European Union, where representatives of finance ministries and MEPs gathered to discuss the future of economic policy. Maksim Pazniakou, representing the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, also took part in the protest.

December 12 in Brussels promises to be a key date when representatives of workers and trade unions from across Europe joined forces to fight against a possible return to strict austerity rules. The decision made at the event will have an impact on the lives of everyone in the European Union.

Experts warn that strict economic measures will affect access to education, health care and social protection. The importance of this event is because the negotiations in Brussels could significantly change the course of events in Europe. There is a need for public investment in education, health and wage support. Time has shown that a solidarity response to a crisis, as in the case of a pandemic, is important to maintain well-being.

Maksim Pazniakou
Maksim Pazniakou

Dozens of trade union associations from all over Europe are taking part in the protest action in Puelart Square (Brussels), under the slogan "Together against austerity", including a representative of the Belarusian democratic trade unions, acting chairman of the BKDP Maksim Pazniakou.

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