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Solidarity action with imprisoned union leaders took place at the IG Metall conference

This year's IG Metall conference, which took place on November 23, attracted public attention with important discussions and adoption of resolutions on topical issues of concern to metalworkers. Particularly significant was the moment when Congress decided on the last day of discussions to express support for independent trade unionists in Belarus. This move underlines the importance of international solidarity with persecuted trade unionists around the world.

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Amnesty International's General Secretary in Germany, Markus N. Beko, emphasized that trade union rights are human rights and that trade unions with Amnesty are part of a global human rights movement that will continue to act together in the future.

"Solidarity makes us strong, solidarity is what defines us," he said to great applause from the delegates. Jürgen Kerner, recently elected as the second chairman of the board of IG Metall, called for solidarity work in the companies.

After concluding the discussions, the board and delegates joined Markus Beko and held a solidarity action with large placards demanding the immediate release of their colleagues in Belarus: Vasil Berasneu (sentenced to 9 years in prison), Aliaksandr Yarashuk (4 years in prison), Viachaslau Areshka (8 years in prison), Gennadz Fiadynich (9 years in prison), Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk (3 years in prison) and Volha Brytsikava (who faces six years in prison).

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