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An explosion at Svetlagorsk Pulp and Paperboard Mill resulted in the deaths of workers

On June 7, a serious accident occurred on the territory of Svetlagorsk pulp and paperboard plant, which resulted in the death of at least three people and injuries to four others. According to preliminary reports, the accident was caused by an explosion of an air-gas mixture at the turpentine evaporation site.

Ministry of Emergencies of Belarus reported that rescuers had received a call about an explosion at Svetlahorsk pulp and paper mill and immediately rushed to the scene. The incident occurred around 15:30-15:40, according to local publication Ranak.

"A powerful explosion was heard in the village of Yakimava Slabada, which is adjacent to the plant. People were very frightened," a source told Svaboda.

The remains of three people were found at the scene during search and rescue operations, reports the information portal Svetlogorsk News with reference to the head of the Svetlogorsk RANS, Andrei Vysotsky. Analysis of the wreckage is being out and the search continues.

The representative of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Sukhadolski, said that the exact number of dead and injured could not be called at present. So far, only a partial visual inspection of the scene has been carried out, during which some of the consequences of the explosion were removed and human remains were found. However, parts of the area still remain inaccessible for full inspection.

Sourсe: Svaboda

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