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A worker died at Mazyr oil refinery

A fire broke out at the Mazyr oil refinery, the Emergencies Ministry said. One dead person was found.

"Emergency Situations Ministry units worked on the report of fire on the territory of JSC "Mazyr refinery" in the city of Mazyr, Gomel region. According to preliminary information, there is a victim", - told in the Ministry of emergency Situations.

The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations pointed out that, according to preliminary information, several people were injured during the fire.

According to the enterprise, the fire occurred on Wednesday, December 13. One of the installations was burning.

"Today there was a fire at the combined unit of hydrocracking of heavy oil residues of Mazyr refinery. The situation was promptly eliminated. There are no violations of the technological process. All facilities of the refinery are operating in the normal mode," informed the refinery.

Source: Zerkalo

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