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Fire at "Vitebskdrev". One worker is in serious condition

November 11, there was an emergency at the "Vitebskdrev". It is known that 35 people were evacuated, one worker is in serious condition.

Photo from Vitebskdrev website
Photo from Vitebskdrev website

In the MDF shop of the enterprise "Vitebskdrev" there was an explosion of dust-air mixture with subsequent fire. As a result, 250 square meters of wall sandwich panels outside the shop were damaged.

It is known that 35 people left the shop on their own as a result of the alarm system triggering, the Emergencies Ministry said. However, a 49-year-old worker was injured by an iron rebar, rescuers unlocked him and then handed him over to medics.

The man was taken by an ambulance brigade to Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Hospital in a serious condition with an open head injury, facial bone injuries and numerous facial wounds.

The Investigative Committee interviewed witnesses of the incident. "To establish the objective circumstances of the incident, a team of investigators of the investigative Directorate and forensic medical examination department of the regional apparatus", - added in the IC.

Explosions of dust-air mixture in woodworking shops are not rare in Belarus. The authorities would have been obliged to draw serious conclusions from the tragedy that happened 13 years ago in Pinsk. Then, in 2010, an explosion and fire at "Pinskdrev" killed 14 employees of the enterprise. 3 people were seriously injured. The incident became the largest industrial accident in the country in terms of the number of deaths over the past few decades. But, as we see, such incidents continue to occur.

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