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What awaits Belarusian independent trade unions?

On 20 November 2023, EHU will host the conference “The Right to Strike, Protection against Harassment and Freedom of Association: Public and Scientific Challenges in a Global and Local Perspective”. Also, during the conference, there will be an exhibition dedicated to repressed leaders and activists of the Belarusian labour movement.

Here are the questions that will be addressed at the conference:

• How will and should the trade union movement in Belarus develop?

• Can a democratic trade union emerge at EHU?

• What does freedom of association in the form of trade unionization mean for the realization of other rights - social, economic, civil?

• Can a trade union go on strike?

• Why did the ILO release a Convention on the Prohibition of Violence and Harassment in the Workplace? Is it applicable in the University and do we have a correct understanding of the term “harassment”?

The conference will be attended by EHU professors, including rector, prof. Krzysztof Rybinski. Also, representatives of independent Belarusian labour unions and the labour movement, the ILO, and representatives of the Belarusian and Norwegians labour movements will make presentations.

Working languages: Belarusian, Russian, English.

The conference will start at 13:00, 20 November, 2023.

Format: blended

Place: auditorium 303, EHU campus (17 Savičiaus Str., Vilnius, Lithuania)

Zoom-link will be sent to you before the Conference.

A joint statement by the participants is expected at the end of the Сonference.

Please, find the registration link attached.

See you at the conference!

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