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Vitebsk Regional Court upheld the decision to arrest a trade union activist

Vitsebsk Regional Court rejected the appeal of activist Valiantsina Bolbat from Verhniadzvinsk, who tried to challenge the decision of Navapolatsk court of 19 June.

Valiantsina Bolbat
Valiantsina Bolbat

The court of the first instance sentenced Bolbat to 30 days of arrest on the charge of violating part 2 of article 19.11 and part 3 of article 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Infringements. The regional court left the decision of the first instance unchanged, reports Vitsebsk Viasna.

Judge Zinaida Balabolava handed down her verdict on the basis of the police report, drawn up on April 29. During the inspection of the social network "Odnoklassniki," there was found a video posted on the resource, recognized by the Belarusian authorities as extremist.

The video contained an image of the national white-red-white flag, which the drafters of the protocol interpreted as an unauthorized picket. Given the woman's previous convictions for similar offenses, her actions were found to be repeated under Article 24.23 part 3 of the Administrative Code.

The arrest of Valiantsina Bolbat is not the first for the well-known activist from Verhniadzvinsk. Prison conditions had a negative impact on her health, causing hypertensive crisis and heart problems. For this reason she was hospitalized several times after her stay in the Navapolatsk Center for Investigative Disorders. In addition, the woman has debts due to previously imposed administrative fines.In total, Valiantsina Bolbat has been tried six times this year under Articles 19.11 and 24.23 of the Administrative Code.

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