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The ILC adopted a resolution on Belarus

The International Labour Conference (ILC) has adopted a resolution on Belarus, pointing to the need to ensure the implementation of International Labour Organisation (ILO) recommendations under Article 33 of the ILO Constitution.

The resolution on the measures recommended by the Governing Body under Article 33 of the ILO Constitution was voted on today. The resolution was adopted by a majority vote: 301 in favor, 54 against, 108 abstentions.

Delegates call on the governments and parliaments of ILO member countries to take the necessary measures to influence the Belarusian regime to implement these recommendations.

The resolution calls for the immediate withdrawal of all charges and the release of trade union leaders and activists of democratic trade unions. The Belarusian authorities are also urged to amend legislation to ensure the protection of workers from all forms of discrimination when they take part in peaceful strikes to defend their professional and economic interests. In addition, the resolution calls for the reinstatement of workers who have been dismissed or deprived of their bonuses for participating in peaceful strikes.

Based on the ILO's experience in such cases, economic measures such as sanctions are usually used to put pressure on the Belarusian government. These measures may include a ban on imports/exports of certain goods, restrictions on financial transactions, or the severance of all economic relations. In addition, it is possible to impose personal sanctions on officials who have been involved in violating workers' rights and obstructing the activities of trade unions.

It is important to note that each ILO member country decides which of the possible measures will be applied in a given situation. The process of adopting and implementing measures can take a long time and will be discussed at the next conference of the International Labour Conference.

In order to prevent the above actions, the Belarusian authorities are urged to release all 40 trade union activists and leaders as a matter of priority.

We call on all ILO member countries and the international community to show solidarity and take all possible measures to protect workers' rights in Belarus. Only by working together can we make progress in resolving this tragic situation.

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