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The date for hearing the appeal in the Rabochy Rukh case has been set

Rabochy Rukh reported that the appeal against the case of the workers' organisation, which is trying to oppose Lukashenka's dictatorship in Belarus with the help of the strike movement, will be heard soon.

Consideration of the Rabochy Rukh case in court //
Consideration of the Rabochy Rukh case in court //

Consideration of the appeal will be held on 28 July at the Supreme Court. Judge Uladzimir Davydau will make a decision.

Recall that on 17 February this year, Homel Regional Court passed a sentence in the case of Rabochy Rukh. 10 political prisoners were sentenced to huge terms (from 11 to 15 years in prison). They were all accused of treason against the state, as well as some other articles of the Criminal Code. All political prisoners did not admit their guilt.

Judge Aliaksandr Piskunou imposed the following sentences on them:

Siarhei Shelest – 14 years,

Uladzimir Zhurauka – 15 years,

Andrei Paheryla – 14 years,

Hanna Ablab – 11 years,

Aliaksandr Hashnikau – 14 years old,

Siarhei Dziuba – 12 years old,

Ihar Mints – 12 years old,

Valiantsin Tseranevich – 12 years old,

Siarhei Shametska – 12 years old,

Aliaksandr Kapshul – 15 years.

The list of prisoners in this case includes six members of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP).

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