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Remembrance of the "Night of the Shot Poets" and the contemporary struggle for freedom of Belarus

October 29-30, 1937 remain tragic pages in the history of Belarus, when Stalin's regime took the lives of more than 130 representatives of the intellectual elite in one night. The memory of them is still alive today. In Bremen, more than 30 citizens joined the annual action of remembrance.

On the night of October 29-30, 1937, Stalin's prisons in Minsk witnessed a terrible tragedy – the execution of about 130 representatives of the Belarusian intellectual elite, including prominent figures of culture, art and science. These events were later called "The Night of the Shot Poets" and left a terrible trace in the history of Belarus.

Today, ninety years later, Belarusians all over the world still commemorate this tragic episode and continue their struggle for freedom and justice. In recent years, repression has revived in Belarus, and citizens face arrests and threats from Lukashenko's dictatorial regime.

Memorial events are held around this date every year, where Belarusians gather to read the works of deceased poets and writers. These events remind of the importance of preserving the national and cultural identity of the people.

Not only Belarusians, but also Germans and Ukrainians came to the event. The event was organized by activists of the association of Belarusians in Germany "Razam Bremen" and Salidarnast e.V..

The commemorative evening included songs and poems by the victims of the Stalinist regime, and in conclusion, the participants performed "Magutny Bozha" by Natallia Arsiennieva.

The memory of the "Night of the Shot Poets" and the events in contemporary Belarus remind us of the importance of protecting human rights and the need to support the struggle for freedom and justice.

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