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Persecution of former trade union activists in Belarus continues

In Uzda, Minsk region, local law enforcement forces are persecuting former trade union activist Viktar Kryval. Local authorities have administrative arrests and dismissals in their arsenal.

Viktar was serving a 15-day detention on the fictitious charge of “failing to comply with a lawful order or request of an official in the exercise of his official authority”. While serving his detention, he was fired from his job. He now plans to challenge that decision in court in order to return to work.

His attempts to appeal the administrative detention to the Minsk Regional Court and to complain about the unlawful actions of the officials were unsuccessful, as is usual in Belarus.

In addition, several conflicting reports were written about the former activist. According to law enforcement authorities, he has called the officers of the temporary detention facility of the Uzda police station “fascists”. Now he is accused of insulting officials. The court hearing on the case was postponed because the defendant unexpectedly had to undergo surgery.

The situation of Viktar Kryval is just one of many examples of the persecution of former trade union activists in Belarus.

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