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Persecution of a trade union activist from Verkhnyadzvinsk

On June 19 Polatsk hosted the trial of the public activist Valiantsina Bolbat from Verkhnyadzvinsk. Judge Zinaida Balabolava from Navapolatsk court, who is famous for her rulings against political and trade union activists, considered her case. Earlier she repeatedly sentenced Valiantsina, imposing fines and arrests under Article 19.11 of the Criminal Code (distribution of extremist materials).

Valiantsina Bolbat
Valiantsina Bolbat

We should remind that at the end of April 2023 Verkhnyadzvinsk police drew up several reports under Article 19.11 of the Administrative Code (distribution, production, storage and transportation of information materials with extremist content) and Article 24.23 part 3 of the Administrative Code (violation of the order of organization or holding of mass events).

Verkhnyadzvinsk court sentenced Bolbat to 30 days of arrest, after which she was immediately detained in the courtroom. However, she had a hypertensive crisis and was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for two weeks.

Bolbat appealed the verdict of Verkhnyadzvinsk District Court to Vitebsk Regional Court, and on May 22 Judge Sviatlana Ivanova reversed the verdict of Verkhnyadzvinsk District Court.

However, the activist was transferred to Navapolatsk court, where she was sentenced to 30 days of arrest. According to eyewitnesses, a lot of people came to support Valiantsina, who were both in the courtyard and inside the court building.

At present Valiantsina Bolbat is at large and plans to appeal against the Navapolatsk court decision in a higher court.

Valiantsina Bolbat is an active public activist of social-democratic views, as well as a member of the regional organization of Belarusian Independent Trade Union of Navapolatsk.

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