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On May 1 Belarusian union activists demanded release of political prisoners

On this day, demonstrations rolled across Germany. This year, the German TU center DGB organized actions under the slogan “Higher Wages, More Free Time, Better Safety”. Belarusian trade union activists from the “Salidarnast” Association were among the participants.

Members of Belarusian independent unions took part in protest actions in Bremen and Berlin. The Belarusian participants wore T-shirts with imprinted demands to release political prisoners-union leaders from jail.

The Salidarnast activists in Bremen and Berlin

The DGB affiliates also called upon workers to defend democracy and oppose hate and discord. This call has become the leading one among the affiliates of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

FNV affiliates’ demonstration in the Hague

The ITUC campaign For Democracy urges unions to take immediate actions to stop the alarming decline of democracy accompanied by the growing assault on workers’ rights.

The ITUC General Secretary Luc Triangle said:

“Trade unions are the largest social movement in the world. Every day we implement and practice democratic values and now is the time to reassert our commitment to defend and promote these principles across the world. Democracy is not just a political ideal, it’s a living reality, and workers are uniquely placed to protect and strengthen it”.

In Bremen, the demonstration marched from Osterdeich to Domshoff. This year, the DGB central First of May event was held in Hannover, featuring an address from the DGB Chair Yasmin Fahimi.

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