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Global solidarity on April 19: International support for free trade unions in Belarus

On the Day of Action for Union Rights and Democracy in Belarus, the international labour

movement shows support to the imprisoned union leaders in Belarus.

European Public Service Unions (EPSU)
European Public Service Unions (EPSU)

In support of their Belarusian brothers and sisters, the Spanish General Union of Workers

(UGT) and its affiliates sent a protest letter from Madrid to the Government of Belarus,

expressing their utter indignation at the massive arrests and detentions of union leaders in

the country during the past three years. North American affiliates of the IndustriALL Global

Union, the United Autoworkers (UAW) and the United Steel Workers (USW), also played

their part, sending a letter on behalf of the AFL-CIO.

UAW activists
UAW activists
“The courageous statement of the BKDP demanding to stop the Russian aggression against Ukraine was used by the Belarusian regime to destroy the free trade union movement in the country”, points out Boris Plazzi, International Secretary of CGT, France. “Accused and convicted of extremism and terrorism, around 50 union activists are currently behind bars, serving their terms of 1 to 14 years. The CGT expresses its solidarity and support to the BKDP unionists, both those who were repressed in Belarus, and those who were forced to leave the country.”

CGT activists
CGT activists

In their statements, representatives of trade union associations emphasize the need for

the immediate release of all political prisoners who are union members, and demand to

stop the politically motivated persecution of workers and the restoration of their right to

freedom of association.

Support of Belarusian independent unions comes from all parts of the world, uniting people

in their struggle for justice and democracy.

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