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Mass dismissals for political reasons in Belarus

Persecution of disloyal workers in Belarus has become permanent and widespread. This was confirmed by the dismissal of about 30 employees at an organization in the Vitebsk region.

Mass dismissals for political reasons in Belarus

According to Vitebsk human rights activists, a few days after the solemn event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Glybotsky electric networks, the organization began to purge the organization of politically disloyal employees.

People were fired not only for participating in rallies, but also for signing the nomination of candidates alternative to Lukashenka during the last presidential campaign.

Also, the reasons for the dismissal were the provision of material assistance to those whom the authorities illegally fined, as well as for solidarity with other Belarusians and disloyalty to the current government in Belarus.

Earlier, a few months ago, the security forces passed lists of undesirable persons to each of the organizations of Hlybokiy, which included dozens of people. The heads of enterprises were in no hurry to fire people and even stood up for them. Currently, ideological workers in enterprises have been instructed to start firing people for political reasons, otherwise they themselves will be fired from their jobs.

At another large enterprise, the Dairy Canning Plant, there are no mass layoffs, but with people who were on the lists, they simply do not renew short-term contracts unilaterally. In addition, bullying has begun, when some employees report on others simply because they have a bad attitude or want to promote someone else up the career ladder.

The current system has created conditions in which almost everyone cares only about themselves and the well-being of their families, which has led to the beginning of purges. Everyone is fired, including women raising children alone without a husband and parents with many children. Residents of Hlyboky call such dismissals a "black ticket," as it's almost impossible to find a job in Belarus after that.

In Vitebsk region, they also began firing "unreliable" people, leaving them without a livelihood and destroying their life plans. However, such mass dismissals, as in the company "Gluboky's Electric Networks of", are so far an isolated case.

Earlier it was reported that such lists were already in place at enterprises of strategic importance to the regime, where protests had been noticed or where dissatisfaction with the regime in Belarus had been voiced. These lists were prepared by representatives of the security services of the enterprises together with the law enforcement agencies, which suppressed the protests in 2020, and were handed over to the personnel and ideology departments at the enterprises.


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