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Mass arrests of factory workers in Navagrudak

Last week law enforcers detained at least three employees of Navagrudak Gas Equipment Plant. The workers were taken away from their workplaces, human rights activists report.

Mass arrests of factory workers in Navagrudak
Navagrudak Gas Equipment Plant. /

One of the detainees is a woman. According to human rights activists, detentions at the plant occur almost every week. The basis is often subscriptions to "extremist" channels – workers are periodically forced to surrender their phones for inspection.

According to human rights activists, the ideological inspirer and the main controller is the former deputy head of ideological work of Navagrudak police department Viktar Mashchar. He came to the plant as deputy director for security, regime and personnel.

Raids of law enforcers at enterprises have become a regular form of terror in Belarus after the suppression of protests in 2020. At that time, workers at a number of leading enterprises called for an end to the violence of law enforcers against protesters. Such actions of law enforcers are a form of maintaining fear in society and fighting dissent.

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