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Show detentions of workers continue in Belarus

Cruel detentions of workers for dissent continue at Belarusian enterprises. Show intimidation actions are held in Gomel.

Screenshot from security forces video
Screenshot from security forces video

This time a worker, working as a welder at the large enterprise "Gomselmash," was detained. Human rights activists learned about it from the so-called penitential video of the worker, which was posted on the resources of Homel law enforcers.

In the description and the video, the law enforcers note that administrative and a number of criminal cases have been initiated against the man. The detainee himself says that he was noticed by Lukashenko's servants for sending links to "extremist" resources.

All information resources, criticizing Lukashenko's policy or covering the situation in the country, falling out of the official position of the state propaganda, are recognized extremist in Belarus.

Unfortunately, human rights activists still do not know the man's name and circumstances of the case. This is not the only case of terror against workers, when a person is demonstratively detained at work by special services. Most likely, such demonstrativeness is needed to intimidate the workers of strategic enterprises of Belarus.

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