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Leftist parties in Argentina to hold protest action against repression in Belarus

The Socialist Workers' Movement (MST), the Workers' Left Front - Unity and the International Socialist League (LIS) announced a protest in front of the Embassy of Belarus in Argentina, aimed at drawing attention to the repression of workers and trade union leaders in Belarus.

The announcement was posted on the page of MST and LIS leader Alejandro Bodart. He noted that the action will take place on April 12 at 2:30 p.m. in Buenos Aires.

The desire of the Argentine comrades to show solidarity with the members of independent and free trade unions that fight for the interests of workers is worthy of respect. The MST and LIS have repeatedly condemned the ongoing terror of the Lukashenko regime against the workers of Belarus.

A month ago, the Second Congress of the International Socialist League (LIS) was held in Barcelona, where representatives of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union took part, including its leader Maksim Pazniakou. The Belarusian trade union leader told representatives of trade unions and political organizations from 30 countries about the situation in Belarus.

Based on the position of the Belarusian guests and the opinion of the delegates of the International Socialist League it was adopted a resolution on Belarus, which strengthens the international position on the "Belarusian issue" and requires the release of political prisoners and end of repressions.

The International Socialist League - founded by representatives of left-wing democratic views in 2019 in Barcelona. The international association holds revolutionary socialist views to fight for the interests of workers around the world. The Socialist Workers' Movement (MST) and the Workers' Left Front - Unity are leftist Argentine political parties uniting workers of Trotskyist and Morenist views.

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