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Belarusian union leader at the congress in Barcelona spoke about the mass repressions in Belarus

For four days from 10 to 15 March, Barcelona hosted the Second Congress of the International Socialist League (LIS), which was attended by representatives of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union including its leader Maksim Pazniakou. The Belarusian trade union leader told representatives of trade unions and political organizations from 30 countries about the ongoing terror against the workers of Belarus.

Maksim Pozniakov's speech was especially important in the context of the discussion of Russian military aggression in Ukraine. This topic was central to the congress and revealed many opinions. The position of the Belarusian guest clarified a lot about Russian imperialism for delegates from America, Asia and Africa, where Russian propaganda narratives are quite strong.

Also in his speech, he spoke about the mass repression of the Lukashenko regime against the workers of Belarus, who opposed him in 2020.

About imprisonment of the leaders of labor movement in prisons and colonies. About the heroism shown by Belarusians at the time of Russian troops' movement through Belarus, in the conditions of concentration camp regime all over the country.

This point is very important for the leftist democratic forces to understand the situation in Belarus and the essence of the Lukashenko regime.

Because many people in America, Africa and Asia still perceive Lukashenko and his regime as anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist. In fact, thanks to Lukashenko, Belarus has turned into a satellite of Russian and Chinese imperialism, where elementary norms of workers' rights are not respected, let alone their interests.

Based on the position of the Belarusian guests and the opinion of the delegates of the International Socialist League, a resolution on Belarus was adopted, which strengthens the international position on the "Belarusian question" and demands to release political prisoners and stop repressions.

The International Socialist League - founded by representatives of left-wing democratic views in 2019 in Barcelona. The international association holds revolutionary socialist views to fight for the interests of workers worldwide.

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