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Immoral aspects of the FPB personnel policy

A recent scandal in Gomel region highlights the irresponsibility of the personnel policy of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FPB), which results in the appointment of immoral officials who care little about the interests of workers.

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Siarhei Kasinski, former head of the Lelchitsy District Executive Committee, recently found himself at the center of a scandalous criminal case involving financial fraud and criminal schemes.

According to the investigation, Kasinski and his colleagues organized a system of data falsification to hide the facts of cattle deaths. The meat of the fallen animals was given to employees as wages, and forged documents were used to distort state statistics. As a result, they caused damage not only to the budget, but also to the employees of the enterprises in the amount exceeding 80 thousand rubles.

The ex-officer and his accomplices are charged under the article on abuse of power or authority (part 3, article 426 of the Criminal Code) - it's from three to 10 years in prison.

Unfortunately, such scandals have become not rare in modern Belarus, when workers of agricultural enterprises are forced to take meat of dead cattle in exchange for wages. However, the fact that after the immoral scheme was used, the former chairman of the district executive committee was appointed chairman of the pro-governmental regional organization of the trade union of agro-industrial workers deserves special attention.

Perhaps Kasinski had a special trade union talent? However, his actions, such as selling dead cows' meat to workers in exchange for wages, which a lot of people knew about and now testify about, and his lack of attention to labor collectives raise extreme doubts about his ability to protect labor rights.

As for Kasinski statements about protecting the legitimate rights and interests of union members, which he made in his campaign speech at the union conference, they look extremely cynical in the context of the subsequent accusations against him.

This example confirms the existence of a rotten personnel and formal system of "elections" in the structure of pro-governmental trade unions united in the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FPB). Where ideologists, former officials, representatives of the administration of enterprises, ex-enforcers those who pay wages with rotten meat to workers are appointed to the posts of trade union bosses.

Philip Stary

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