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At "Naftan" dismissals for politics do not stop

It became known about the dismissal of three more employees of the factories "Naftan" and "Polimir. It happened about two weeks ago, reports "Nasha Niva".

All of the dismissed were accused of subscribing to protest factory channels in social networks.

It also became known that there is a channel run by someone from the plant administration, which publishes "shameful lists" of those detained and fired for subscribing to independent media. Where data about these people are published, and videos with them, taken from the channels of special services, are published.

It was on this channel that the new dismissals were reported.

Aliakasandr Sakalou, a former employee of Naftan and an activist of "Rabochy Rukh", says that it is not known exactly who runs such a channel. It could be the editors of the newspaper "Vesnik Naftan", the plant's ideologists, or even the special services.

"The enterprise is run by KGB agents. The lower management follows orders, and the heads of the enterprise, at least some of them, are not against such measures, even in favor of them. In the management, the chief engineer of the enterprise, Yury Kryvach, is especially famous for facilitating the dismissal of dissenters," says Aliakasandr.

It should be reminded that in the middle of May there was a major raid on the employees of "Naftan" and "Polimir". According to its results 16 people were punished and fired. Most of all people were judged by the notorious Zinaida Balabolova, who recently fell under EU sanctions.


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