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An activist of the REP trade union went on hunger strike

As it is known, Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk has completely refused to eat. This is her protest against the terrible conditions created for Polina by the administration of Rechytsa District Police Department, reports "Viasna".

Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk
Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk

Upon arrival at the detention center, Palina was placed in solitary confinement with insect-infested and unsanitary conditions. All personal belongings and foodstuffs she brought with her were taken away from her. Polina is forced to sleep on the curved iron plates of the bed as she has not been issued any bedding. She is not taken out for walks and is forbidden to receive parcels.

It also became known that in Rechitsa detention center Palina is undergoing the last investigative actions within the framework of a new criminal case of alleged "malicious disobedience to the administration of the colony". In the next week the case will be transferred to the prosecutor's office and then to the court of Rechytsa district.

Recall that Polina was supposed to be released last summer, but she was sentenced to another year of imprisonment. In April, a new case was brought against the woman - again for "malicious disobedience to the colony administration".

Source: Viasna

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