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Volha Brytsikava was released after 30 days of arrest

The chairman of the primary trade union organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union at JSC “Naftan” was released after 30 days of arrest

Olga Brytikova was released after 30 days of arrest
Volha Brytsikava

She was arrested on November 1 and sentenced twice to 15 days in jail supposedly for spreading extremist materials on social media. In the prison Volha went on a hunger strike - the reason was the violation of her rights, as well as the refusal of the prison staff to give her parcels from relatives.

It should be noted that over 2022, Volha spent 105 days behind bars, including 75 consecutive days in the spring

Before she was accused of "violating the procedure for organizing or holding mass events." In September 2021, the Belarusian security forces searched the apartment of Volha Brytsikava. According to one version, the arrival of the security forces could be associated with the initiative of the "Worker Movement".

Volha Brytsikava is one of the leaders of the 2020 protest movement at the Naftan enterprise in Novopolotsk. She voiced the demands of the factory workers to the authorities and the management of the enterprise. The activist worked at the plant for 16 years and was fired because of her fundamental position.


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