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Today is the birthday of political prisoner Aliaksandr Hashnikau

Since November 9, 2021 Gomel Regional Court has been holding a closed trial on the case of the "Rabochy Rukh" in which six members of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union are involved. One of the detainees in the case is Aliaksandr Hashnikau, who is 36 years old today.

Today is the birthday of political prisoner Aliaksandr Hashnikau
Aliaksandr Hashnikau

Aliaksandr Hashnikau is an employee of the Belarusian Steel Works in Zhlobin, an activist of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP). He was one of the founders of the primary organization of BNP at the plant, which the authorities refused to register.

September 18, 2021 Aliaksandr was detained. A criminal case under part 1 of article 356 of the Criminal Code was brought against him for treason against the workers of the Belarusian factories who supported the strike and were members of the "Rabochy Rukh".

September 21, 2021 this initiative was declared extremist. Arrests of workers began all over the country. He was also charged under part 3 of article 361 of the Criminal Code (participation in an extremist formation). He could face up to 15 years in jail.

November 9, 2022 Gomel regional court started the consideration of the "Rabochy Rukh" case that included 10 political prisoners.

On the second day of the trial all defendants in the case stated to the court that they did not admit their guilt in treason and creation of extremist formations. All participants of the "Rabochy Rukh" refused to testify at the trial.

December 27, the court was closed until sentencing, although it had been held openly before that.

Today, January 23, Aliaksandr is celebrating his 36th birthday in Gomel pre-trial detention centre.


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