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The Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the vice-chairman of the BNP

Today, January 20, the Supreme Court heard an appeal against the case of deputy chairman of the BNP and chairman of the primary organization of the BNP at Belaruskali Alexander Mishuk. The verdict was left unchanged.

The Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the vice-chairman of the BNP
Aliaksandr Mishuk

Bear in mind that the trade union leader was sentenced to two and a half years in jail for his speech to the workers of Belaruskali.

On November 15th , Minsk regional court tried political prisoner Aliaksandr Mishuk under part 1 of article 361 of the Criminal Code (appeals to measures of restrictive character (sanctions) and other actions, aimed at harming the national security of the Republic of Belarus). The case was considered by judge Viktoria Poleshchuk.

Alexander was detained on May 25, 2022 at his workplace. His home and office were searched. The man was kept in the KGB detention center for two months, then was transferred to the detention center №1 in Minsk. For four months, Alexander was not allowed to see his wife.

The prosecutor's office charged Aliaksandr with addressing the workers with the "purpose of creating a strike committee". In turn, Alexander explained his speech as an emotional outburst, as at that time everyone was under the influence of emotions because of the mass violence by the security forces.

It is known that the appeal hearing was held without the presence of the trade union leader.


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