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The "List of Extremists" includes defendants in the "Rabochy Rukh" case

Another 35 names were added to the "List of Extremists" - among them participants of the "Rabochy Rukh" case.

August 11, the Interior Ministry of Belarus prepared the traditional Friday update of the "List of Belarusian citizens, foreign citizens or stateless persons involved in extremist activities. Now there are 3,146 people on the list.

Among others, participants of the "case of the labor movement," Siarhei Shelest, Uladzimir Zhurauka, Andrei Paheryla, Hanna Ablab, Aliaksandr Hashnikau, Siarhei Dzyuba, Ihar Mints, Valiantsin Tseranevich, Siarhei Shametska and Aliaksandr Kapshul were added to the list.

The actions of Lukashenko's law enforcers became absolutely predictable, since almost all convicted activists and leaders of the labor or trade union movement in Belarus are now classified as extremists. The dictatorial regime is afraid of any manifestations of disloyalty among workers and continues to unleash terror against workers and former activists of democratic trade unions.

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