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“Salidarnast” materials were found to be extremist in Belarus

Today we learnt that all communications and logos of our organization had been put on the “National Roster of Extremist Materials”. The corresponding decision was taken by the Central District Court of the City of Minsk on March 28, 2024, and the announcement was posted on the web-site of the Belarusian Ministry of Interior.

The list of “extremist materials” includes publications posted on our web-site and in all social media where our group is present. Besides, the organisation’s logo, along with all its variations, has been found extremist as well.

We have no idea on what grounds exactly our materials were branded extremist but we were not surprised by the decision either; categorizing any materials that do not align with the propaganda of the Belarusian regime as extremist has been a long-standing practice of the Belarusian police and security agencies.

From our side, we call upon all our readers and subscribers in Belarus to show caution and guard their freedom and safety. If you are in Belarus, we suggest that you read our materials without subscribing to our online pages. Do not use the Like button and do not leave any comments on the content. If possible, access our materials through a VPN connection.

Be mindful of your safety!

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