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Protesters in Argentina demand to stop persecution of workers in Belarus

Yesterday, April 12, protesting against the repression of the Belarusian authorities against trade union activists, was held near the embassy of Belarus in Argentina. The action is a part of the international campaign "Trade union activity is not extremism!".

Participants of the picket in front of the Belarusian embassy in Argentina
Participants of the picket in front of the Belarusian embassy in Argentina

On the eve of the anniversary of mass detentions and arrests of leaders of independent and free trade unions in Belarus, the protest was organized by the Socialist Labor Movement (MST), the Labor Left Front - Unity and the International Socialist League (LIS).

Guillermo Pacagnini and Сele Fierro
Guillermo Pacagnini and Сele Fierro

Dozens of protesters were holding pictures of the beating of peaceful protesters by the Belarusian security forces in August 2020. The Argentine activists demanded that the Lukashenko regime release the trade union leaders convicted of demonstrating their civic and trade union position. They demanded the dismissal of all charges, an end to the persecution of workers for belonging to unions that were not pro-government, and guarantees of union activity in the country.

One of the leaders of the MST, Сele Fierro, reminded the staff at the Belarusian embassy that workers' solidarity has no limits. Also speaking was Guillermo Pacagnini, general secretary of the CICOP health union in Buenos Aires, who himself had been through the repression and destruction of unions by the military junta in the 1980s. The speakers assured the embassy staff that the criminal actions of the Belarusian dictator would not go unnoticed.

It is worth noting that the representative of the European branch of the International Socialist League (LIS) Ruben Tsanof will take part in the protest in Berlin on April 19 as a sign of solidarity. The picket at the Brandenburg Gate is timed to the anniversary of the pogroms of trade unions by Lukashenka's regime. The organizers of the action are the Association "Salidarnast", which unites Belarusian trade union activists in exile.

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