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ITUC general secretary called for the release of trade union leaders in Belarus

On April 19, the Day of Action for Trade Union Rights and Democracy in Belarus, the general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, Luc Triangle, addressed the world community. In his video message he emphasizes the need to release trade union leaders imprisoned in Belarusian prisons.

Recalling the will of the workers of Belarus, Triangle condemns the actions of Lukashenko's regime, which led to the liquidation of four independent trade unions and the arrest of trade union leaders. Today, as the General Secretary notes, almost fifty trade unionists remain in detention, having become objects of political persecution, listed as extremists and terrorists.

Luc Triangle's appeal calls for solidarity and action in defence of fundamental human and trade union rights, stressing the importance of active participation in the international campaign organized by the ITUC and the Salidarnast e.V. organization.

Other trade union leaders and politicians have also recorded their video messages demanding the release of trade union and political prisoners in Belarus.

Read this text in Belarusian.

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