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International solidarity - let's support our brothers and sisters from Turkey

Trade unions in many countries are regularly under pressure, so every act of solidarity that supports the fight for justice is of great importance. Today we face the challenge of supporting our colleagues in Turkey, where trade unions are regularly under attack.

Turkish activists under pressure
Turkish activists under pressure

In May 2021, a shocking incident occurred in Turkey that led to the arrest of members of the SES. A police raid against the union marked the beginning of a persecution of union leaders who were accused of terrorism. However, everyone knows that the real reason for this persecution was their trade union activity.

Former trade union leader Gonul Erden was arrested and sent to prison in September 2021. Her release came only after more than a year and a half of efforts, and an important role in this was played by Jan Willem Goudriaan, Secretary General of EPSU, who personally attended the hearing on March 13, 2023.

Salidarnast e.V. members join the international campaign EPSU

Selma Atabey, then president of the union, was arrested in July 2022. Her release came almost a year after the hearing, which was held with the support of Françoise Gueng, vice-president of EPSU.

Despite the release of trade union leaders, some trade unionists are still under house arrest and charges against them have not been dropped. SES members and leaders continue to live under the constant threat of arrest.

On Monday, October 2, a hearing will take place, which will be an important step in the fight for justice. Members of Salidarnast e.V. understand very well what it means to be under constant persecution for their activities, so they join the campaign of our fraternal organizations and demand an end to the persecution of SES trade unionists.

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