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FPB in the center of simulated elections

Less than a week remains before the end of the nomination of candidates for the House of Representatives and local councils of the Republic of Belarus in the elections scheduled for February 25, 2024. During this period, as usual, the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FPB) becomes the main imitator of the legitimacy of this process.

The head of the Brest regional association of trade unions, Aliaksandr Ragachuk, states that only in Brestchyna more than 60% of observers at the elections will be represented by trade unions, which is twice as much as in the previous elections. The situation in other regions of the country is most likely identical.

In previous election campaigns, including presidential ones, the FPB actively used its resources, such as collecting signatures and campaigning in labor collectives. It should be noted that since the subordination of the FPB in 2002, the organization has regularly become a tool in the hands of the authorities in election campaigns, using its leaders in initiative groups and as election observers.

Thus, the role of trade unions in the electoral process raises interest and questions, especially in the absence of independent trade union organizations dismantled by the authorities after the 2020 protests.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Belarusian regime has decided not to invite observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

"Belarus will refrain from inviting observers from the OSCE to the parliamentary elections.We will be ready to reconsider our approaches if the West gives up its illegal sanctions policy and attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Belarus," said diplomat Dapkiunas.

The Belarusian authorities plan to invite observers from the Central Election Commissions of the CIS countries.

November 29, Minsk police held tactical and special exercises before the upcoming elections. The police department of Minsk city executive committee demonstrated to citizens the availability of skills in case of mass protests.

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