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Female workers were detained at Minsk garment factory

In another display of toughness against workers in Belarus, law enforcers detained at least two female employees of the largest clothing manufacturer in the country - clothing factory "Elema." Information about the incident was disclosed by Telegram-channel, associated with the GUBOPiK.

The video, published by a source close to law enforcement agencies, says that the detained women allegedly "organized sacred places at their workplace". The video shows photos of white, red and white-red fabrics and threads hanging in the workshop, which gives the event a certain degree of absurdity.

During the arrest, a female employee was forced to speak out on camera, saying she was "decorating her workplace and herself with unregistered symbols." The video provides a glimpse into the seamstress' daily work with lots of thread, ribbons of various shades, and white and red colored fabrics.

It is unclear what exactly the female employees of the Elema factory are accused of, their procedural status, and whether they are in custody. A Telegram channel close to the law enforcers claims that the detention was based on a denunciation. One of the aspects highlighted in the video is the claim by one of the detainees that she was subscribed to "extremist channels."

This case is not an exception to the rule. Over the past three years, mass arrests of workers found to be disloyal to the regime in Belarus have been taking place on a weekly basis at enterprises across the country.

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