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Chairperson of "Salidarnast" took part in the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Lizaveta Merliak, a representative of the democratic trade unions of Belarus and the head of the "Salidarnasts" association, took part in the Nobel Peace Prize awarding ceremony for Eastern European human rights activists at the invitation of Norwegian trade unions

Белорусы Бремена приняли участие в акции протеста

During three intense days, Lizaveta took part in meetings and a reception at the Helsinki Committee, which was attended by award winners and representatives of several human rights organizations. She took part in the solemn ceremony of awarding the Peace Prize to Ales Bialiatski.

In addition, she had a meeting with representatives of the association of the Norwegian trade unions LO and the Industri Energi trade union

The meeting discussed the use of forced labor of Belarusian prisoners by international companies through Belarusian subcontractors. An example of this was the recent scandal with the furniture giant IKEA.

This year's Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to human rights organizations in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus - courageous people who fight against authoritarian regimes and war. Central to human rights are basic labor rights, such as the right to organize and the right to collective bargaining. All of this is unattainable today under Lukashenko's regime.


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