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CGT leader expresses support for independent trade unions in Belarus

On the backdrop of the trade unions' struggle in France against pension reform, a May Day demonstration took place in Paris, which brought together guests from around the world to express their support and solidarity with the French trade unions. Among those invited was a representative of the association Salidarnast e.V. and BKDP Yuri Yarashuk.

CGT leader expresses support for independent trade unions in Belarus
May Day demonstration in Paris. Photo: CGT

The event focused, among other things, on the situation in Belarus, where trade union leaders and activists are subjected to repression and criminal prosecution for their activities and anti-war stance.

A representative of Salidarnast e.V. whose father, Aliaksandr Yarashuk, chairman of the BKDP is now in prison, spoke about the situation in his country to the newly elected general secretary of the CGT, Sophie Binet.

She expressed support for the independent trade unions in Belarus and promised to continue to help and assist in the release of imprisoned trade unionists.

Sophie Binet, Pierre Coutaz, Yuri Yarashuk. Photo: CGT

The event highlighted the importance of international trade union solidarity in the fight for workers' rights worldwide and drew media attention to the trade union situation in Belarus, which can lead to even more support and coverage of the trade union movement in our country.

The May Day demonstration in Paris was also a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge between representatives of different countries. Participants learned about the challenges faced by trade unions in different parts of the world and how they are combating them and what successes have already been achieved, which in turn gives new ideas and inspiration for further struggle and work.

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